Donald Trump says Kim Jong-un has accepted an invitation to the White House ‘sometime in the future’

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Donald Trump says Kim Jong-un has accepted an invite to the White House (PA)

The Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un summit has opened up doors never thought possible.

After the pair met up for the historic summit in Singapore, the President has now confirmed that the North Korean leader has accepted an invite to the White House.

Trump said Kim will fly to the United States for the visit ‘sometime in the future’.

The pair laughed together as they met at the historic summit (PA)
Trump praised Kim as a ‘very worthy, very smart negotiator’ (PA)

Speaking at a press conference after a day of historic meetings, Trump also said he is open to visiting Kim some day in Pyongyang.

The President thanked Kim for ‘taking the first bold step towards a bright new future for his people’ after their summit.


He said that ‘real change is indeed possible’ and that he is prepared ‘to start a new history’ and ‘write a new chapter’ between the two nations.

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He added: ‘The past does not have to define the future.’

The pair concluded the extraordinary summit by signing a joint document in which they committed to working towards the ‘complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula’.

The document signed by the two leaders also said they will join efforts ‘to build a lasting and stable peace regime’ on the Korean Peninsula.


The military might of the US and North Korea compared (PA)

The broad agreement was light on specifics, largely reiterating previous public statements and past commitments.

It did not include an agreement to take steps towards ending the technical state of warfare between the US and North Korea.

As they ended their summit Trump praised Kim as a ‘very worthy, very smart negotiator’.

They concluded the meeting with lofty promises by the President to take care of a ‘very dangerous problem’ and Kim forecasting ‘major change for the world’.


Trump and Kim signed an agreement that committed to the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula (PA)


Trump said the meeting went ‘better than anybody could imagine’ and said Kim has a ‘great personality’ and is ‘very smart’, which he described as a ‘good combination’.

The President said the pair had ‘a terrific day’ and ‘learned a lot about each other and about our countries’.

He added that he expects they will meet again many times.