Drake angers Beatles fans with 'egotistical' Abbey Road tattoo to mark his latest chart record

Tom Beasley
Drake has had a new tattoo on his arm to celebrate his chart success over The Beatles. (Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Twitter)

Beatles fans are furious with Canadian hitmaker Drake after the rapper got himself a new tattoo, seemingly mocking the Fab Four’s iconic Abbey Road album cover.

Drake has repeatedly referenced the British group in his lyrics, famously rapping “I got more slaps than the Beatles” in the opening verse of ‘Going Bad’, in which he collaborated with Meek Mill.

The rapper’s chart success has led to him breaking a number of Beatles records on the Billboard Hot 100, including for top 10 singles.

Drake now sits in second place for all-time top 10 singles, with 35, behind the 38 singles Madonna has had reach that level.

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To commemorate his latest success, the Hotline Bling singer got a tattoo of the four figures walking across the Abbey Road zebra crossing, with the addition of a fifth character - presumably Drake himself - waving back at them.

Thousands of Beatles fans recently converged on the crossing to mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary photo, so it’s fair to say they weren’t pleased about Drake’s new ink.

The reaction to the tattoo on social media has not been kind to the 32-year-old star, with Twitter users branding the musician “egotistical” and “pathetic”.

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Several fans also pointed out that the rise of digital streaming makes it easier to accrue sales than in the days of physical media during the Beatles’ careers.

(Credit: Twitter)

Drake has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and has picked up four Grammy Awards for his work.

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He holds a selection of records on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including the most charted songs for a solo artist, the most simultaneously charted songs on a single week and the highest total time spent in the chart.

His tattoos include references to many of his biggest inspirations and idols, including Lil Wayne and Denzel Washington.

Representatives for Drake declined to comment on the story to Yahoo.