Dramatic footage shows motorist driving on wrong side of carriageway at speeds of 70mph in a 30mph zone

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the shocking moment a motorist was caught driving on the wrong side of the carriageway at speeds of 70mph – in a 30 mph zone.

Officers chased the silver BMW car after it jumped a red light on the A24 at Dorking on December 9 last year.

A check of the vehicle’s number plate showed that it had previously failed to stop for police.

Police footage shows Jay Fenton driving on the wrong side of the carriageway at speeds of 70mph in a 30mph zone (PA)

Officers from Surrey Police pursued the vehicle for six minutes at speeds double the limit with large numbers of pedestrians and other vehicles in the area.

When finally stopped, the driver, Jay Fenton, 22, of Nesham House, Hackney, was brought to court for dangerous driving, possession of crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, possession of criminal property and two counts of possession of a bladed article.

He was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court to a jail term of three years and eight months.

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Describing the chase, Pc Ed Stock said: ‘I was following the BMW for a number of miles, while it was overtaking members of the public and driving at 70 miles per hour in 30 mph zones, continuing to overtake vehicles throughout.

‘My main focus was to ensure that no one was injured as a result of the driver’s lack of care for anyone but himself. Eventually the vehicle was driving on the wrong side of a dual carriageway and while doing this, it was damaged, with the rear tyre bursting.

‘Even with this damage, it continued to overtake and undertake members of the public with only three working tyres before crashing into multiple parked vehicles and coming to a stop after crashing into a parked car.

Fenton was jailed for three years and eight months (PA)

‘As you can see from the dash cam footage, Fenton was driving in excess of the speed limit through areas with a high amount of road users and pedestrians.

‘I almost lost sight of him at one moment because there was not enough space for me to get through traffic, it is so important for drivers to ensure that they let emergency services through when blue lights are displayed, and would ask that drivers stay calm when they hear our sirens, and pull over and stop in a safe place with enough room for emergency services to pass.’

A Surrey Police spokesman said that as well as the class A drugs, they found approximately £3,700 in Fenton’s underwear and he disclosed there were two lock knives in the glove box.