Driver Gets Lost In China Smog, Crashes Car Through A Garden Wall

A driver crashed his car through a wall and plunged three metres into a sunken garden after getting lost in smog.

The unnamed male motorist, from the city of Xianyang in China, was caught in the heavy morning smog that has engulfed many parts of the north of the country this week.

With visibility down to less than a few metres, the driver failed to notice a T junction ahead and crashed through the wall of a residential building.

But his journey didn’t end there, as the wall was above a sunken garden that fell ten feet below the pavement, and his car dove straight inside it.

The car ended up in a vertical position in the garden.

The driver climbed out of the vehicle before rescuers arrived. He suffered only minor injuries in the crash.

The smog in China this year has been intensified by an unusually cold November, causing people to use more heating generated from the country’s coal plants.

An orange alert level for smog has been issued - the highest warning so far this year.

(Pictures: CEN)