Drone at Edinburgh Airport forces plane to abort landing as police launch probe

-Credit: (Image: PA)
-Credit: (Image: PA)

A flight coming into Edinburgh Airport was left unable to land after drone operators sparked an alert.

Bosses at the airport have now issued a warning after the incident, urging people to take more care with drones. It is understood the airport’s drone alert was triggered at around 6pm on Sunday evening.

The airport confirmed the incident led to a plane having a "missed approach", Edinburgh Live reports, with the plane later landing safely.

Police Scotland have since confirmed that officers tracked down the drone operator and “issued advice”.

It comes as schools begin breaking up and families prepare to jet off on their summer holidays.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said: "It is imperative that drone operators are aware of their responsibilities and act in a safe manner at all times. Safety of passengers and staff is always paramount and should not be treated lightly.

"Operating a drone or unmanned aircraft within the airport’s flight restriction zone is a criminal offence and can lead to convictions of up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine."

The Civil Aviation Authority says: "Most airports, airfields and spaceports have a flight restriction zone (FRZ).

"Never fly in this zone unless you have permission from the airport, airfield or spaceport. The zone is in place to avoid any collisions with aircraft or spacecraft at or near the site. Some smaller airfields do not have an FRZ, but you still must not fly on or near these airfields where you could pose a danger to the safety of aircraft."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 6pm on Sunday, 30 June, 2024 we were called to a report of a drone being operated in restricted airspace in the Jubilee Road area of Edinburgh.

“Officers attended and the drone and operator were traced. Appropriate advice was given.

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