Dutch authorities arrest protesters after climate activists blocked road near The Hague

Hundreds of climate activists blocked one of the main roads into The Hague on Saturday, defying previous attempts to prevent their protest.

Many of the demonstrators waved coloured flags with the symbol of the environmental group Extinction Rebellion. And one protester held a sign saying, in Dutch, “This is a dead-end road.”

The group gathered on the A12 road near the temporary home of the Dutch parliament.

About an hour after the blockade began, officers began arresting protesters who refused to leave the road.

Earlier this week, authorities detained six Extinction Rebellion activists on suspicion of sedition linked to calls to stage the protest.

A judge on Friday upheld an order banning another activist from the area for 90 days.

The arrests and exclusion order sparked unrest among activists who argue it infringes their right to peaceful protest.