Dwayne Johnson Is The Best Secret Santa Ever, Gifts Uncle A Custom Car


Hi, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, can you be our next Secret Santa please?

The San Andreas star has had a pretty good year with two blockbuster hit movies and the birth of a baby daughter, but it seems this generous Hollywood star is all about paying it forward.

Dwayne, 43, took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of him gifting his very own personalised, custom made truck to his uncle Tonga, who you may better know as professional wrestler Haku in WWE or Meng in WCW.

The best gift-giving nephew ever shared a sweet story about his uncle to go with the equally snap, writing: “My Uncle Tonga is a family man, humble man and champion. Most importantly one of the greatest human beings I know.


“So we walk outside and I said ‘Uncle how do you like my truck?’ He said, ‘Whoooaaa nephew it’s beautiful… I love it!’ I said ‘Good ‘cause it’s yours.’ He was speechless. Thru tears (manly of course;) we monster hugged 'cause I’ll never forget what he did for me when I had nothing. Merry Christmas Uncle and ofa atu.”

As for that “what he did for me” part, it turns out Uncle Tonga is one of the reasons Dwayne became such a wrestling mega star in the 1990s, leading to him becoming one of the world’s biggest movie stars currently.

He recalled how he had a trial with WWE having never had experience in a wrestling ring before and turned to his uncle for help.


[Photo: Wenn]

“What they also didn’t know was that I was broke as hell and didn’t actually own wrestling gear - no boots, knee pads or most importantly.. wrestling trunks.

“I went to Sports Authority and bought some bright ass white volleyball knee pads, called my Uncle and asked if he had ANY trunks I could use for my tryout. He said all I have is a pair of shiny purple trunks (purple was his signature color), I told him I don’t care if the trunks are all the colors of Skittles, I’ll happily wear them.

“When I picked the trunks up from him I’ll never forget the monster hug he gave me, look me in the eyes and said, ‘I’m so proud of you. Go get 'em nephew!’ “



UPDATE: An earlier version of this story indicated Dwayne bought a new car for his uncle; he has since confirmed the car is in fact his own truck.