Eamonn Holmes threatens to sue after he is branded 'racist' over Meghan Markle comments

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Eamonn Holmes during the Best FIFA Football Awards 2017 at the Palladium Theatre, London.
Eamonn Holmes was accused of racism against Meghan Markle in regard to his handling of a discussion on This Morning (Credit: PA)

Eamonn Holmes has threatened to sue a This Morning viewer who called him racist for referring to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle as “uppity”.

The 59-year-old TV presenter lost his temper in a furious retort on Twitter as some objected to his criticism of the Duchess on the ITV show, saying she should be more forthcoming considering she's "taking from the public purse".

Holmes hit back: “What a stupid bigoted arse you are. U r typical of the sort who only want your questions asked. Our job us to ask questions. That's what we did and we did it very well. Call me racist again and I will sue your bigoted stupid arse off you. [sic]”

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The row began after Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford hosted a discussion on the show titled ‘Is Meghan Markle Unfairly Criticised?’

Canadian reporter Lainey Lui, who has met the Suits actress, and TV historian Professor Kate Williams both appeared to defend the Duchess.

Holmes defended his and Langsford’s stance in the debate on social media, writing: “We weren't uncomfortable in the slightest as The Prof will testify.
We put the questions, she gave very intelligent and informed answers as you pointed out.”

Holmes also tweeted a reply to TV presenter India Willoughby saying: “The very idea we have to defend ourselves. The public initially loved Megan .... and Harry is sooo popular. Don't shoot the messenger over such own goals. This all could so easily be turned around. They could do worse than consult a few Media people like ourselves India.”

Holmes’ initial outrage was sparked by a tweet from @Madeleine_JGB, who wrote: “Working from home so getting to see the inherent racism of the British media as personified by @EamonnHolmes & @RuthieeL who are currently unashamedly bashing Meghan Markle live on @thismorning.”

On the show, Lainey said via video chat: "I don’t know why she’s taking the lion share, whether or not it’s valid criticism, and why it’s landing on her."

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Holmes retorted: "You do know why it’s landing on her. If you have an uppity attitude you’re only through the door two minutes and suddenly you’re sitting at Wimbledon and you’re royal protection are saying, ‘No photographs, no photographs!’

"You do know as a reporter you would be the first if that was somebody in Canada you would be writing, ‘They’re right up their own backside’."

Williams called Markle a “breath of fresh air” and said she had borne the brunt of criticism since she married Prince Harry.

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