EastEnders: Ben Mitchell to kill Willmott-Brown in hammer attack?

EastEnders’ most ambitious storyline ever appears to be reaching its climax, with Friday night’s episode leaving fans on tenterhooks when the doof doofs went off just as Phil Mitchell realised that his son Ben’s new boyfriend is the son of Walford villain James Willmott-Brown.

James raped Kathy Beale way back in the 80s and has come back to Albert Square in a bitter bid to get revenge on all who he felt wronged him after he went to prison for his crime and was run out of Walford upon his return.

Will Ben kill off James? Copyright: [BBC]

James’ son, Luke Browning, was initially unaware that mechanic Ben is Kathy and Phil’s son, and now that Phil has discovered the truth viewers will see him try and split the pair up in this week’s episode.

Not wanting Phil and Ben’s already strained relationship to be completely destroyed, Kathy ends up telling Ben about the rape, sending Ben off the rails and demanding to know whether Luke knew about what his father did.

James raped Kathy, and was imprisoned for his crime. Copyright: [BBC]

He eventually winds up meeting James Willmott-Brown himself, and sneak preview pics show Ben threatening the villain with a hammer – reminiscent of when the character threatened Jordan with a spanner when the pair were children.

Ben confronts James over his actions and threatens to kill him, but it is currently unknown whether Ben will add another murder to his tally or if James will somehow talk him round.

Will Ben utter his infamous ‘You need slapping down’ line again? Copyright: [BBC]

One thing’s for sure, it’s all kicking off in the square!

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