EastEnders: Is evil James Willmott-Brown Jay Brown's real dad?

It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks in Albert Square, with two of the biggest shocks being Phil Mitchell’s claim that Jase Brown wasn’t Jay’s real father,  and the return of EastEnders’ notorious ’80s villain, James Willmott-Brown.

Now fans of the BBC One soap have put two and two together, with many viewers coming to the conclusion that James is Jay’s real father.

Could James be Jay’s real dad? Copyright: [BBC]

Until this summer, Jay – and viewers at home – believed that Jase Dyer was the troubled character’s dad, with Jase being tragically murdered in 2008 and the Mitchell family taking terrified Jay in as one of their own.

However, last month Phil claimed that he’d accidentally killed Jay’s “real dad” – telling Jay that his real dad had been a homeless man who was in the car lot when Phil burnt it down in an insurance scam in the 90s.

Although Phil’s version of events were incredibly detailed, fans remained unconvinced – especially when the East End hard man was shown telling a mystery person over the phone that he’d “done what was asked” at the end of the surprising episode.

Jay learned that Jase isn’t his real dad. Copyright: [BBC]

Some viewers believed that the phone call proved that Phil had made the whole thing up and Jase was Jay’s dad after all.

But following the return of James, others are convinced that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Some viewers pointed out that James didn’t go to jail again until 1994, the year that Jay was born, meaning that he was still roaming free at the time that Jay was conceived, with one fan arguing: “He raped another woman after Kathy [Beale] didn’t he?”

Another fan pointed out that James and Jay share almost the same name; James Willmott Brown and Jay Brown.

James raped Kathy, and was imprisoned for his crime. Copyright: [BBC]

James first joined the show in 1986, where he raped Kathy Beale after becoming obsessed with her.

He was imprisoned for his crimes and made a brief return to the soap in 1992, where he was driven out by the rest of the neighbourhood as they refused to forgive him for what he did to Kathy.

The ex-con is already confirmed to be the father of Fi Browning and Luke Hemmings, who he had with his first wife, Elizabeth, before she killed herself, and also Josh Hemmings – who he welcomed with ex Wendy Hemmings.

Fi, Josh and Luke are siblings. Copyright: [BBC]

The entirely family, alongside Max Branning, are currently embroiled in an elaborate plan to destroy Walford, but will he also be revealed as Jay’s father?

Only time will tell.

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