EastEnders fans spot huge Whitney Dean blunder as Bianca Jackson's secret is finally exposed

Whitney and Bianca had a disagreement during Thursday's episode of EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders saw Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) bid an emotional farewell to Walford during Thursday's (May 23) episode of the BBC soap.

The latest trip to the Square saw new mum Whitney plan a new life away from the East End with baby daughter Dolly and foster daughter Britney Wainwright (Lola Campbell). Her big decision came after she split from cheating fiancé Zack Hudson (James Farrar) on their wedding day earlier this week.

But Whitney wasn't going alone as step-mum Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer) planned to join the trio in Yorkshire. As Whitney told Zack her new plan, he was left furious and confirmed Bianca knew all along about his betrayal with Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa).

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Whitney was fuming with Bianca in EastEnders
Whitney was fuming with Bianca in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Whitney confronted Bianca and said she no longer wanted her to accompany her family on their new life away from Walford. As Bianca cried she tried to explain how she was protecting Whitney as she seemed so happy.

"You let me walk down the aisle with a bloke who'd cheated on me", said Whitney. "No!", Bianca replied, "I really thought that you had a future together. And I really do believe that Zack loves you Whitney."

Bianca added; "I mean I told you the truth about Callum and you still went ahead and married him". However, EastEnders fans were quick to point out that Whitney and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) never actually got married after she jilted him at the altar.

Taking to X, one viewer wrote: "Ermmm who wrote tonight's ep? Whitney never married Callum #EastEnders".

Whitney and Callum never married in EastEnders
Whitney and Callum never married in EastEnders -Credit:Kieron McCarron/BBC

A second added: "I have never seen an EastEnders era have so much contempt for their audience. we all know that Whitney never went through with the wedding so why is the show trying to rewrite history? I’m sick of the shallow writing of this current era. #EastEnders."

A third stated; ""I mean, I told you the truth about Callum and you still went ahead and married him!" This entire line of dialogue is wrong. Bianca didn't tell Whitney about Callum, he told her himself. They also never married. No research was done on this. #EastEnders."

"I’m sorry in what universe did Callum and Whitney actually get married!?!? Cuz the didn’t in this one #EastEnders", asked one fan. "Callum never married Whitney. He escaped #EastEnders", said another.

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