EastEnders: Jacqueline Jossa Filmed ‘Explosive Scenes’ For Max Branning’s Trial?


Jacqueline Jossa bid farewell to Lauren Branning back in February, when she gave birth to daughter, Ella, and her pregnant onscreen character jetted off to New Zealand with her beau, Peter Beale.

However, it looks as though Jacqueline cut her maternity leave short, with it being reported that the actress returned to Albert Square and filmed some pretty dramatic scenes for Max Branning’s trial.

Max (Jake Wood) currently stands accused of murdering Lucy Beale, even though basically everybody knows that it was actually Lucy’s little brother, Bobby, who delivered the fatal blow.

Which, in case you had forgotten, Peter had already told Lauren about.

Aha, and the penny drops.

A source told The Sun: “Max’s trial will be a very exciting storyline and Lauren’s return will be explosive because she knows Max didn’t kill Lucy.

“She agreed not to unmask Bobby as the killer but surely that won’t be at the expense of her own father…”

Is anybody else seriously excited that Jacqueline agreed to return for these no doubt pivotal moments in the soap?

After all, she’s not due back from her maternity leave until the New Year, but it looks as though even she couldn’t handle the thought of her onscreen father being behind bars for a crime that he didn’t commit.

Jake Wood recently announced that he will be taking a year long break from EastEnders, with viewers on the edge of their seats to find out if that year will be spent with Max in prison, or if dastardly Bobby will be discovered and Max manages to get away.

And with Lauren fighting her dad’s corner, we are hoping even more than ever for the latter.