EastEnders Maya twist revealed as Harvey discovers her true identity

Maya Hussain
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders has finally exposed Maya Hussain's (Bharti Patel) real identity after she befriended Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Fans have been suspicious of the newcomer ever since she tried to get close to Harvey through their love of Tottenham Hotspurs. As they became good pals, the cab driver started lending money to struggling Maya as shared her money worries with him.

Maya even stated that she needs to sell her flat as she is in desperate need of cash while Harvey offered some financial support. Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) had also expressed her concern over Maya after catching her rummaging through their kitchen drawers.

But in recent scenes, Harvey found her address after she dropped a letter, and it became clear that she had been lying about her situation.

Desperate to know the truth about Maya's intentions, Harvey headed to the address and when he knocked on the front door, he found it unlocked - but he wasn't alone in the house.

He was left horrified to come face to face with a man he'd never seen before, who was absolutely terrified with Harvey being in his house. Harvey tried to reassure the man that he didn't want trouble before Maya soon come running down the stairs.

She tried to calm down the visibly vulnerable man, who she revealed was her husband, Abdul Hussain.

It was then that she revealed her secret that Abdul had been the victim of an attack by Harvey's son, Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham).

Aaron was a member of a dangerous far right gang, who targeted a number of people in horrific racially motivated attacks. His clan even beat up Keegan Baker (Zack Morris), almost killing him, as Aaron watched from the shadows.

When Abdul was attacked, Harvey gave Aaron an alibi, meaning that the thug got away with the disgusting crime.

Aaron and his friend Neil then planned to plant a bomb in the Argee Bhajee, which was being converted into a mosque, on New Year's Eve. But Harvey's conscious kicked in and he called the police.

Aaron was sent to prison in 2022, but that wasn't enough for Maya, who had been struggling to care for her husband after the attack.

She revealed how Abdul had suffered some horrific injuries, as well as being left blind in one eye because of Aaron. She emotionally explained that if Aaron had faced justice for her husbands attack then maybe Abdul wouldn't be as fragile, needing full time care.

Harvey visited Aaron in prison in 2022
Harvey visited Aaron in prison in 2022

Maya explained that because she'd had to quit her job to care for Abdul, she was struggling to pay the bills, and with no one left to turn to for help, she figured Harvey would be the person to go to.

However, she expressed how difficult she had found it to lie to him, as she didn't expect to like him as much as she did. As Harvey returned home to a worried Jean, he began crying as the situation become too much for him.

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