EastEnders Slammed For Blatantly Ripping Off 'Taken' In Bizarre Storyline

We’re not going to lie, EastEnders have had their fair share of far-fetched storylines in its time, but last night’s may have been a step too far for the BBC soap’s dedicated viewers.

In fact, fans took to social media to blast ‘Enders scriptwriters for “blatantly ripping off” hit Liam Neeson film 'Taken’ as Ben and Jay Mitchell were kidnapped from their home.

The action-packed episode kicked off with Grant’s daughter Courtney calling her dad from Louise Mitchell’s bedroom and Grant calmly telling her to stay on the line so that he could hear what happens as he advised the girls to hide under the bed.

The kidnappers then burst into the room as Grant listened in on his daughter’s heavy breathing in scenes that were all-too-familiar for some viewers:

It’s not yet known whether Grant has a very particular set of skills…

Things went from bad to worse for the soap, with viewers then being left in utter disbelief as Ben and Jay’s kidnappers, and the men who brutally murdered Paul Coker in a homophobic attack back in July, were revealed and, erm, they didn’t exactly look like the most intimidating of gangs:

Regardless, viewers were still hooked on the action and we can’t wait to see what happens next.