'EastEnders' spoilers: Sam Mitchell’s return plotline revealed, plus Ben’s police grilling

These are your EastEnders spoilers for next week. (BBC)
These are your EastEnders spoilers for 18-21 April 2022. (BBC)

Full details of Sam Mitchell’s comeback are revealed on EastEnders next week, plus the guilt mounts for a troubled Ben. Stacey intervenes as fears grow for Jean, while Harvey is unsettled by a disturbing incident.

It’s your spoiler-filled guide to EastEnders in the week of 18-21 April 2022.

Sam Mitchell is back

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Sam Mitchell (KIM MEDCALF),19-04-2022,16
Sam Mitchell (KIM MEDCALF) (BBC)

Sam returns to Albert Square on Tuesday, now played again by Kim Medcalf rather than Danniella Westbrook.

But while fans will no doubt be delighted to see her, Sam’s reappearance does not go down well with either Kat or Sharon. For her part, Sam is staying tight-lipped as to why she’s back, but takes great delight in winding the two women up.

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Jack is also perturbed to see her and, despite assurances from her that it’s a brief visit, he confides his fears in Denise and they agree that young Ricky ought to be told who she is.

But as Sam reignites old feuds and causes trouble, Jack is soon left riled when she goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants.

Will Harvey help Aaron?

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN),20-04-2022,16
Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN) (BBC)

Harvey is left shaken during Monday’s episode when Neil approaches him and gives him the burner phone that’s intended for an incarcerated Aaron.

Wednesday’s drama then finds a nervous Harvey being taken in Mitch’s taxi to the prison. But, as he ventures behind bars, will he ultimately opt to hand the mobile over to his son?

Ben feels guilty

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Ben Mitchell (MAX BOWDEN),18-04-2022,16
Ben Mitchell (MAX BOWDEN) (BBC)

Feelings of guilt are nagging at Ben and he decides to visit Steve, the guy he attacked a week previously.

In order to explain his presence, Ben tells Steve’s mum that he’s one of his friends. But worried that his actions could catch up with him, Ben is later seen pleading with Sharon to be an alibi for him if needed.

Callum and Jack, meanwhile, interview Steve’s mother, who tells them about the hospital visit. And after checking the CCTV, Jack has little choice but to confront Ben about the footage…

Stacey intervenes with Jean

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Jean Slater (GILLIAN WRIGHT),18-04-2022,16

All is not well with Jean, with first Lily and then Shirley picking up on some troubling aspects to her mental health.

In fact, a shopping trip to buy a wedding dress proves to be so fraught that Stacey and Shirley end up gaining entrance to Harvey’s flat and confronting Jean, who orders them to leave. And feeling increasingly desperate about her mum’s abnormal behaviour, Stacey responds by taking drastic action…

Vi tries to help Stuart

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Vi Highway (GWEN TAYLOR);Rainie Highway (TANYA FRANKS),21-04-2022,16
Vi Highway (GWEN TAYLOR), Rainie Highway (TANYA FRANKS) (BBC)

Rainie opens up to Vi about her struggles with Roland. And, wanting to help, an uncharacteristically helpful Vi decides to encourage Stuart to step up.

But after his nan hands him his prescription painkillers, a worried Stuart takes himself off to an addiction meeting, only to find that the date has been changed. So will he get the reassurance he’s seeking?

Dotty’s behaviour worries Vinny

***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 12TH APRIL 2022***,Dotty Cotton (MILLIE ZERO);Vinny Panesar (SHIV JALOTA),18-04-2022,16
Dotty Cotton (MILLIE ZERO), Vinny Panesar (SHIV JALOTA) (BBC)

Vinny will be seen reiterating his feelings for Dotty, but fails to notice that she’s been left spooked by his declaration.

Bernie, though, picks up on Dotty’s reaction and advises her to be honest with Vinny and tell him she doesn’t love him. Later on, though, Vinny starts to get an inkling that all isn’t well when, as the Panesars await Kheerat’s return, he realises that Dotty is off with him.

When Vinny subsequently confronts Dotty, she shrugs it off. But will he be convinced?

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