EastEnders spoilers: Surprise return revealed, plus Prince Charles and Camilla arrive in Walford

Your EastEnders spoilers are here. (BBC)
Your EastEnders spoilers for 30 May – 2 June 2022 are here. (BBC)

On EastEnders next week Prince Charles and Camilla rock up in Walford and make an on-screen appearance, plus Ash makes a comeback and Jada kisses Zack.

Read on for EastEnders spoilers for 30 May – 2 June 2022.

Royal visit on the Square

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall make an appearance in EastEnders. (BBC)
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall make an appearance in EastEnders. (BBC)

VIPs don’t come much more stellar than royalty and, in Thursday’s episode, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will be seen being unveiled as Mick’s surprise guests at the Square’s jubilee celebrations.

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Needless to say, the partygoers can’t believe their eyes as the Carters greet their special guests, who are introduced to everyone before sharing a toast to Her Majesty the Queen.

Ash’s return

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 10/08/2021 - Programme Name: EastEnders - July-September 2021 - TX: 20/08/2021 - Episode: EastEnders - July-September 2021 - 6328 (No. 6328) - Picture Shows: ***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY AUGUST 10TH 2021*** Ash Panesar (GURLAINE KAUR GARCHA) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

Earlier in the year, it appeared as though actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha had left EastEnders when her character Ash departed for Leeds in order to get away from meddling mum Suki. But, as it turned out, that exit was only temporary.

Wednesday’s drama will see Suki left disconcerted when she reads a letter that’s arrived in the post. But she’s forced to cover her anxiety when Dotty and Vinny arrive to discuss Ash, who’s turning 30 the following day. Suki is then left shocked when the birthday girl herself arrives home with the intention of making amends…

Stacey collapses

EastEnders,31-05-2022,6495,Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24H MAY 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER) (BBC)

It’s a dramatic week for Stacey who, after being injured last week by mum Jean, now ends up collapsing in front of a horrified Kheerat.

He’s concerned that Stacey could be developing sepsis and ends up telling the doctor what happened between her and Jean. Luckily, the information results in the infection being stopped and, with Stacey recovering, Kheerat asks if they can now officially be together.

But their happiness is short-lived as, when Stacey learns that a mental health nurse is now set to visit the Slaters’ following Kheerat’s words of warning, she rushes home. The problem is that Jean has locked herself in the bathroom just as the nurse is arriving.

Jada kisses Zack

EastEnders,25-05-2022,6496,Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH MAY 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR) (BBC)

Jada is in a stinker of a mood after losing her job, so Zack tries to cheer her up by taking her on a London sightseeing trip. But things get out of hand when Jada later gets the wrong end of the stick and leans in for a kiss with Zack.

He’s mortified and plays it down, not wanting to cause her any embarrassment. But, hurt by the rejection, Jada later tells Sharon that she and Zack kissed. And Sharon’s reaction? To kick a confused Zack out of the house!

Linda buys the salon

EastEnders,30-05-2022,6494,Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT);Mick Carter (DANNY DYER),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH MAY 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT);Mick Carter (DANNY DYER) (BBC)

Linda wants to put her cash to good use and expand the Vic’s business, but after Mick implies that she can’t be trusted, her plans change.

Overhearing Kim and Denise talking about needing an investor, Linda ends up offering them £50,000 and signs a contract making her the co-owner of the salon.

But her celebrations are marred when Nancy gets in touch with news that the deal she had lined up for her own business premises have fallen through as the estate agents never received the money. It doesn’t take long for Linda to work out what’s happened, all of which results in a showdown with Janine.

Determined to fix things, Linda later pleads with Denise for her money back, while a disgusted Sharon gets her own back on Janine.

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