EastEnders spoilers: Zack reveals HIV diagnosis, Ricky Jr leaves home

Zack has to share his news with someone on the BBC soap next week

These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 30 January to 2 February, 2023. (BBC)
These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 30 January to 2 February, 2023. (BBC)

Zack decides to confide in one resident of the Square that he’s HIV positive on EastEnders next week, but will he then also summon up the courage to be more honest with Whitney?

Plus Ricky Jr decides to move in with Sam after Jack loses his temper, while Lola’s mum makes tentative steps towards reaching out to her estranged daughter.

It’s your full guide to all the big EastEnders spoilers in the week of 30 January to 2 February 2023.

Sam discovers that Zack is HIV positive

EastEnders,02-02-2023,6640,Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR) (BBC)

Zack will tell Sam that he’s HIV positive and admit to her that he’s feeling both deep shame and terror, particularly when it comes to the stigma surrounding the condition.

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When Sam then discovers that Zack hasn’t picked up his meds, she’s furious and advises him that he also needs to be honest with Whitney.

Zack will also be seen asking Kat to get Whitney the buggy she needs and secretly offers her the cash to buy it. But little do they know that Whit is about to get concerning news at the hospital, where an ultrasound has flagged up a situation with the baby. Will a dazed Whitney then reveal all to Zack about what she’s been told?

Ricky Jr moves out

EastEnders,30-01-2023,6637,Ricky Mitchell (FRANKIE DAY);Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH);Sam Mitchell (KIM MEDCALF);Jack Branning (SCOTT MASLEN),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Ricky Mitchell (FRANKIE DAY); Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH); Sam Mitchell (KIM MEDCALF); Jack Branning (SCOTT MASLEN) (BBC)

Jack is left apoplectic when he discovers that Ricky Jr has offered to support Lily when it comes to bringing up their baby.

Although Denise wants him to give careful thought to the situation, Jack quickly demands a meeting with Stacey and Martin. But things turn acrimonious when, after Jack insists that they talk some sense into Lily, an angry Stacey declares that an abortion won’t be considered.

Later on, Jack runs into Lily at McKlunky’s and tells her what life will be like as a teen mum. But the conversation then results in Stacey banning the Brannings from having anything to do with the baby. Denise will also be witnessed telling Jack that he’s out of order, while Ricky Jr is left devastated and leaves home to move in with his mum Sam.

Denise gets closer to Ravi

EastEnders,02-02-2023,6640,Ravi Gulari (AARON THIARA);Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Ravi Gulari (AARON THIARA); Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH) (BBC)

In the wake of the blow-up between the Brannings and the Slaters, Patrick suggests to Denise that she needs to find someone who can talk some sense into Jack. But she ends up once again merely using Ravi’s shoulder to cry on.

But when she later returns home to a tearful Amy, Denise starts to feel guilty about enjoying Ravi’s attention.

Patrick, meanwhile, continues to fret about the growing distance between Jack and Denise and offers some romantic advice. Picking up on the cues, Jack then invites Denise to a day date when the kids are out. But on the way home, he stops at Sam’s place and finds Ricky Jr skiving off. Will this unwelcome development make Jack late for his date?

Emma makes contact with Lola

EastEnders,31-01-2023,6638,Emma (PATSY KENSIT),***EMBARGED TILL TUESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

After her debut last week, we can expect more appearances from Emma, who on Tuesday heads to Fox & Hair where she books an appointment for the following day, asking specifically for Lola.

The next day, Lola welcomes her new client, but fails to recognise her mum, while Emma doesn’t let on about their true connection. But when Lola starts to feel unwell, Denise steps in, explaining about her health problems.

Emma is then in for a shock when she watches Lola’s latest vlog and returns to the salon the following day to quiz her daughter further.

Sonia gets a new lodger

EastEnders,02-02-2023,6640,Reiss Colwell (JONNY FREEMAN);Sonia Fowler (NATALIE CASSIDY),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 24TH JANUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Reiss Colwell (JONNY FREEMAN); Sonia Fowler (NATALIE CASSIDY) (BBC)

Reiss has a suggestion as to how Sonia can fix her money problems: why not get a lodger?

Kathy then suggests that perhaps Reiss might be looking to take on that role, and when the prospective candidates aren’t to Sonia’s liking, it starts to look as though he could be in with a chance. But the final candidate, Jed, ultimately gets her seal of approval.

The trouble is, Sonia’s faith in Jed is soon shaken - and Reiss most definitely has his fingers crossed that Sonia will now dare to evict him. But will Jed turn things around and leave Reiss disappointed?

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