Ed Sheeran mistakenly declared dead by Icelandic newspaper

Ed Sheeran’s been the victim of mistaken identity, it would appear.

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

People were left confused and somewhat bemused when Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid announced that the Suffolk born singer, 26, has passed away.

His unmistakable photo was printed alongside an obituary for 82-year-old Svavari Gunnari Sigurðsson, who was the person that had died.

The confusion came about due to Svavari’s stage name apparently being the same as the chart-topping singer and was therefore printed without question.

(Credit: Morgunbladid)
(Credit: Morgunbladid)

Naturally, the internet reacted in the only way it could: with disbelief and mockery.

It was only last week when the Shape of You singer revealed to the world, via his Instagram, that he was engaged to Cherry Seaborn, so naturally fans were bemused when this ‘news’ appeared and began to circulate online.

Ed revealed that once he and Cherry are married and settle down with children, his music career could disappear altogether. Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: ‘My ambition is going to go to zero as soon as I have kids.’

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

‘I am going to be like, ‘I do not really care anymore as I have another life to take care of’.

‘It is totally understandable because you have children and your ambition shifts to be like, ‘I want to be a good father’.’

Ed is currently dominating the UK singles charts, sitting at the summit with his Eminem collaboration River, and has solo effort Perfect in third spot.

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