Ekin-Su Culculoglu accused of 'inciting an oestrogen riot' on The Traitors US

The Love Island winner clashed with Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina when she accused her of snatching a shield from her in the task.

Ekin-Su on The Traitors US. (BBC Screengrab)
Ekin-Su Culculoglu claimed a shield was stolen from her on The Traitors US. (BBC Screengrab)

Ekin-Su Culculoglu was accused of "inciting an oestrogen riot" on The Traitors US after claiming a rival contestant stole a shield from her.

The Love Island winner chose to confront Big Brother US super-contestant Janelle Pierzina at the round table for snatching the shield during a task calling her a "selfish person". Culculoglu hit out at Pierzina after claiming she had stolen the shield - which protects contestants from being 'murdered' by the Traitors and evicted from the show.

Janelle Pierzina denied taking the shield from Ekin-Su. (BBC screengrab)
Janelle Pierzina denied taking the shield from Ekin-Su. (BBC screengrab)

Culculoglu claimed Pierzina stole a shield from her during the task, which saw contestants collect bags of money to add to their prize fund in a graveyard at night, while trying to evade being caught in the search lights.

Culculoglu found a box with a shield in it. But she claimed in the car back to the castle after the task: "Janelle, we both grabbed the shield at the same time and Janelle barged me and ran off. I touched it and she literally f***ing hurt my arm." Dan asked: "Like yanked it from you?" Culculoglu said: "Yeah, very aggressively. I hate b****y girls."

Hearing she had been accused of stealing the shield Pierzina said: "Ekin was behind me and she touched my back but I already had the shield in my hand. I literally walked over with Peter and grabbed it and she was behind me. She put her hand on me. I didn't even touch her."

Later at the round table Culculoglu accused Pierzina in front of everyone else. Asked to explain what had happened she said: "It's really black and white, it's really easy, we don't need to use smart words to explain this. There's a shield my hand goes in, I grab the shield box, you grab the shield box, in that moment, in the game in a rush, she just barged me and ran off."

Pierzina said: "That's false. You keep saying your hand was in there and it wasn't. I was there way before you. You came up afterwards, behind me."

Culculoglu replied: "It's not false. That's fine.You can take this shield. I know you're a selfish person. It's fine. And I think it's a smart way to put the attention on something else other than yourself, which has worked. There's no need to take the subject off yourself right now, it's working."

Traitor Phaedra Parks the voted for Culculoglu saying: "Ekin-Su - she incited an oestrogen riot today by saying Janelle did something, and I just thought it was strange , the stories were totally different."

With only two votes Culculoglu escaped being sent home.

The Traitors US is hosted by Alan Cumming with contestants including John Bercow. (BBC)
The Traitors US is hosted by Alan Cumming with contestants including John Bercow. (BBC)

Culculoglu is one of two British contestants taking part in season two of the US version of the show, which is filmed at the same castle where Claudia Winkleman hosts the UK version of the game show.

Viewers of The Traitors US wanted to know exactly why former British politician John Bercow, 61, ended up appearing in the line-up for The Traitors US, hosted by actor Alan Cumming. Watching the show on BBC Three, many were surprised to see the former speaker of the House of Commons in the reality show.

The game show sees The Faithful live together in a Scottish castle and work together to build their prize fund. At the end of every day The Traitors choose to murder a contestant, but first The Faithful have a chance to vote out a Traitor at the round table. At the end of the game any traitors remaining win the prize money. If only faithfuls remain, they split the prize.

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