This elderly man dancing to METAL music at a UK rock bar proves that age is just a number

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This epic footage of an elderly man dancing to a METAL song in a Midlands rock bar proves that age is just a number. 


Alternative music fans from all across the Midlands descended on their dearly missed Rock and Metal Nightclub "Planet" in Wolverhampton after it had remained closed for the duration of the pandemic. 

As the heavy metal song "Faint" by Linkin Park played a 76-year-old man was on the dance floor really getting into the swing of things.


The man identified only as 'Mel' is seen vibing to the heavy metal and begins to dance as the overjoyed regulars create a circle around him cheering him on and joining in on his fun! 


The video has been viewed thousands of times of social media bringing lightness into the life of all who have seen it.


39 year-old Mani said: "I was actually celebrating my 39th birthday thinking that I was old. But seeing him dancing and just enjoying himself makes me think that age is just a number."

The footage was filmed on July 29th.

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