Elizabeth Hurley: ‘My Flirting Lands Me In Hospital’

Yikes, it sounds like we have been ‘flirting’ wrong our entire lives, with actress Elizabeth Hurley admitting that her flirting is so ferocious it has landed her in hospital “half a dozen times”.

Needless to say, we couldn’t be more intrigued.

The 50-year-old explained on NBC’s ‘Late Night’ that she gets so cheeky with her flirtatious gestures that she ends up getting incredibly clumsy, sharing: “I flirt with anyone–man, woman, animal, inanimate object.

“Anything to get the party going. If I flirt or fancy someone, I show off a bit sometimes and sometimes I get a little clumsy and I’ve actually hurt myself a few times.

“I’ve been to the emergency room probably half a dozen times for flirting.”

And if you are still wondering about the logistics, she clarified that she once managed to break her ankle after she tried to look “cool” in front of a suitor but ended up getting her foot wedged in a rabbit hole.

Another example included the time she attempted to “scissor jump” into a hammock to impress an admirer but ended up missing it entirely and knocking herself out.

We mean, that’s a whole new level of awkward.

Liz is currently single, so if we hear that she has been rushed to ER in the coming weeks, we’ll know that she was probably trying to get her flirt on.