Emma Bunton says son told her to go and have sex to make a sibling

Emma Bunton and fiancee Jade Jones attending the National Television Awards, at the O2 centre in east London.
Emma Bunton and Jade Jones have been together since 1998. (PA) (Empics Entertainment)

Emma Bunton has revealed that her son told her and her partner to go and have sex because he wants another sibling.

The Spice Girls star and her long-term fiancé Jade Jones share sons Beau, 13, and Tate, 10, and said the boys are both keen to have another little brother or sister join the family.

“My eldest did say, ‘You need to go in there and have sex and have a child!’,” Bunton told Netmums’ Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast.

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She went on: “And do you know what the kids put at the top of their Christmas list this year – a sibling.

“I mean, no pressure!”

Emma Bunton seen outside the ITV studios in London (Photo by Brett Cove / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)
Emma Bunton has two sons. (Brett Cove / SOPA Images/Sipa USA) (SIPA USA/PA Images)

There have recently been reports that the singer, 45, is thinking about having a third child but fears it could be too late after discovering she is perimenopausal.

“I’m a very mumsy person – when I see my friends’ babies, I always become broody,” she told The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine. "But now I thought, 'OK, this is it'."

Bunton was asked about the rumours when she was on the podcast, but didn't confirm anything either way.

The singer did say she had thought about it, but added that she was very indecisive and that her thoughts on it changed “daily”.

“If it happened it would be absolutely wonderful, but I am not sure, we’ll see,” she said.

Bunton started dating Damage singer Jones in 1998 and they welcomed Beau in 2007, with Tate following four years later.

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The couple got engaged in 2011.

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