Emmerdale fans spot major clue to Tom King's undoing after violent attack against Belle Dingle

Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale
Emmerdale viewers spot major clue after Tom's violent attack on Belle Dingle -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers are convinced they have spotted a major clue that will expose Tom King after his violent attack on wife Belle Dingle.

As viewers know, the soap has been tackling the sensitive topic of domestic violence as Tom has been manipulating Belle and watching her every move. Last night, Tom continued to isolate Belle from her family.

Tom is keen on the couple expanding their family and starts trying for a baby but Belle is concerned about her mental illness medication and insisted she wanted to talk to a nurse before getting pregnant.

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Tom claimed she would be fine without seeking medical advice. Mandy voiced her concerns after Belle’s sudden change of heart as she had originally wanted to wait until she felt better before trying for a baby.

Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale
Emmerdale viewers spot major clue after Tom's violent attack on Belle Dingle -Credit:ITV

Once Tom found out about Mandy’s opinions, he kicked off at Belle. Things soon took a turn as she later lashed out at Mandy and told her to stay out of her life.

During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, Mandy knew something wasn’t right with Belle so she went to pay her a visit with Lydia.

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The pair managed to sort out their differences and started discussing Belle’s plans to have a child but what they didn’t know, is Tom was watching them on a hidden puppy cam.

Tom rushed home and pretended to be pleased with Bella and Mandy back on track but once they left the house it was clear that Tom was not happy with the outcome and lashed out at his wife.

Belle soon figured out that he'd been spying on her and she wasted no time addressing his behaviour, however things took a dark turn as Tom went on to punch her in the stomach and left a large bruise.

As expected, Belle was heartbroken and insisted that Tom had to leave but he wasn’t keen on leaving until Belle threatened to get Cain involved.

Viewers watching at home were left disgusted at Tom’s behaviour as they pointed out that Belle can now use the puppy cam to expose Tom.

@raining_purple Tweeted: “I wonder how long the footage of the “dog camera” stays available for? Belle would have evidence of his abuse which she could take to the police #Emmerdale.”

@joy9kat asked: “Can Belle not use the puppy cam to record Tom's behaviour too???#Emmerdale.” @ASuperGav said: “Erm, ladies, how can you not notice a big blinking red light on the shelf? #Emmerdale.”

@mishybabez_ commented: “Tom better get his running shoes when Cain finds out. Nobody hurts his sister #Emmerdale.”

While @SARamsay1 added: “Belle's being brave. I love her for what she said to Tom just now! It's funny how her saying she'd call Cain is the 1 thing that made him leave. She should get the locks changed. You could see he was already getting angry just bc she didn't look at him. #Emmerdale.”

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