ES Views Letter of the Day: Dog-walkers need better regulation

It would be a great shame if Richmond council restricts the number of dogs allowed to be taken on walks [March 27]. I often accompany a professional dog-walker in Richmond Park and know how disciplined her dogs are.

What is needed is not a restriction on the number of dogs but more vigilance to enforce the regulations on unlicensed and untrained walkers.

I hope the council reconsiders, as this move will damage the livelihoods of dog-walkers who already face restrictions in the park.
Giles Oakley

As a qualified canine behaviourist and dog trainer, I wholeheartedly support Richmond council’s plan.

It is hard enough to keep an eye on one dog, never mind four. Frankly, people who can only look after pets at evenings and weekends are not suitable owners.
Charlotte Kasner, Campaign for Responsible Dog Ownership

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