Eurovision 2016: Graham Norton Calls For Australia To Be Banned From The Contest

For something that is supposed to be nothing more than a light-hearted giggle, Eurovision sure does evoke quite a lot of political and geographical outrage.

This year, Australia is in the firing line and it is UK host Graham Norton who has a thing or two to say about their involvement in the competition.

Last year, Oz was invited to take part in the European contest as part of Eurovision’s 60th anniversary, with the country going on to beat the UK entry of Electro Velvet… Remember them?

Erm, we didn’t think you would.

Now the country has been invited to take part again, despite being in no way a part of Europe - and Graham is not happy.

Ranting to The Sun, the TV presenter moaned: “I just do not understand why they are in the Eurovision Song Contest. Get rid of Australia.

"I know some countries aren’t technically in Europe but come on, Australia is the other side of the world.

"Last year they said it was a one-off as it was a celebratory anniversary and you think, ‘Ok’, but they are back again.

"What’s that about? People go, 'Oh you are so Anti-Australia’, I’ve got nothing against Australia - I just think it’s kind of stupid.”

Ooft, say what you really feel, Graham.

Graham’s rant comes after it was announced that American star Justin Timberlake will be appearing as a special guest in the show this Saturday, with the global superstar giving his new single 'Can’t Stop This Feeling’ from the film 'Trolls’ its live debut.

Justin is the first high-profile interval act since 2009, when T.A.T.U revived their 2003 song 'Not Gonna Get Us’, and although he definitely isn’t European, we have a feeling that Graham won’t be too against Justin putting in an appearance at the contest.