Game of Thrones: Every season 7 theory that emerged from the promo

Mike P Williams

All hell broke loose this week, when HBO released the first proper trailer for the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Possible spoiler discussion to follow.

And while it didn’t reveal a whole lot of information – if you’re a hardened fan you’ll know they rarely do – it did give us some spine-tingling footage of some of the show’s main characters; specifically the key players in the battle for the Iron Throne.

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On first inspection the brand new promo consists of the those competing for control, over James’ Sit Down, but let’s look a little deeper…


Credit: HBO

Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister. Three rulers in very different ways. Jon’s an unwilling leader through circumstance and fate, as we see him entering a great hall and sitting at a simple wooden table in what appears to be his home of Winterfell. But we know he’s a Targaryen – the son of Rheagar and Lianna Stark – so is arguably destined for greater things.

As noted by someone on Reddit, the Mother of Dragons sits down on a Dragonstone throne in her ancestral home of Black Water. Has Dany taken a detour on her way to Westeros or simply altered her plans altogether?

And then there’s Queen of the House Lannister, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, who we last saw mirroring the Mad King’s antics by blowing half the city to hell by some strategically placed wildfire. She’s still there, ruling, and doing her thing – but for how long?

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The song lyrics have implications – quite literal ones. “Those who find the touch of madness, sit down next to me…” can actually infer as a question. Who will sit down on the Iron Throne, and will it be besides Cersei, or someone (or something) else entirely?

Credit: HBO


It’s end shot is chilling. Yes, that is an intentional pun, but I’m making a joke because I’m so terrified. On the face of it, it could simply mean winter is here (and no longer coming since season one), with the White Walker army having breached The Wall and made it to King’s Landing.

However, there are wilder theories that dig a little deeper.

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What if Cersei has aligned with the Night King to become the Night Queen? It’s not even worth thinking about the logistics of how that’d come about, but it’d certainly be a union of evil. That icy breath can’t just mean it’s cold, with rumours circulating that she joins them. It’s also worth noting that she’s the only person here than has the icy breath, but it could all be circumstantial.

One eagle-eyed Reddit user scrutinised the close-up of the White Walker eye and a managed to make out The Wall, reflective fire, and Ice Cave…

A theory too far? Credit: HBO

And while it’s far-fetched, we cannot rule anything out in the sense that The Wall will inevitably fall – an act that’d likely involve Bran – in order for the Walkers to breach and march the King’s Landing.

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It’s hard to imagine that Cersei, Daenerys, and Jon will join forces but if they’ve any sense about the impending danger the White Walker army pose, then it’d be a logical step.

What is clear is that nothing in this orchestrated trailer is coincidental or meaningless. It’s carefully constructed down to the last detail, serving its purpose of getting fans talking and the excitement levels into overdrive.

Watch the trailer below.

Are you struggling to contain yourself ahead of season 7? Share your thoughts below…

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