Extra, Extra... Toilet Paper: Colorado Newspaper Prints Emergency Bathroom Supplies

Residents of rural Walden, Colorado, who bought the March 19 edition of local newspaper the Jackson County Star, found a “Special T.P. Need Section;” a pull-out section that doubled as toilet paper for anyone in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Local man Corey Ryan shared a video of the newspaper to Facebook and YouTube, writing that the paper included “a little light humor about the toilet paper shortage and coronavirus.”

Speaking to Storyful, Ryan added, “It’s a very small rural town in the mountains of Colorado. We have about 600 people in town and 1,800 in our county.”

To the best of his knowledge, he said on March 22 there had been, “no reported cases,” of COVID-19 in the area.

“There have been some items that are harder to find than others but still possible to get. Because of where we are, lots of people stock items monthly or longer because we are 65 miles from the next town.” Credit: Corey Ryan via Storyful