After FBI: Most Wanted's Harrowing Close Call, One Easy-To-Miss Clue Has Me Hyped For The Season 5 Finale

 Dylan McDermott and Susan Misner in FBI: Most Wanted Season 5x10.
Dylan McDermott and Susan Misner in FBI: Most Wanted Season 5x10.

Spoilers ahead for Episode 10 of FBI: Most Wanted Season 5, called "Bonne Terre."

FBI: Most Wanted is generally the darkest of the three hit FBI shows on CBS, to the point that some good news early in the latest episode had me suspecting that something gruesome would happen again by the end of the hour. With this case of the week in the 2024 TV schedule involving an innocent man on death row who was running out of time before his execution, I was even mostly convinced that Remy and Co. wouldn't be in time to save him. There was a very close call, but he was saved and I'm able to focus on the good news that could be an exciting clue for the Season 5 finale.

When I say that there was a "very close call" for the innocent man on death row, it couldn't have been much closer. In fact, he would have been killed if his would-be executioners had been able to find a vein. The curtain was closed on the room where he was meant to die, and I was 99% sure that Remy and attorney Abby Deaver (guest star Susan Misner) would throw back the curtain with the stay of execution, only to discover that the man had already died in a tragic twist. Rarely have I been so relieved to be wrong about a TV twist, not least because a successful execution might have overshadowed the good news from Ray early in "Bonne Terre."

Ray sharing good news with the team in FBI: Most Wanted in Season 5x10
Ray sharing good news with the team in FBI: Most Wanted in Season 5x10

In the previous episode (which you can find streaming with a Paramount+ subscription), Ray overcame some nerves after talking to his dad (guest star Steven Williams) and proposed to Cora. After some initial confusion when she thought he might be breaking up with her despite their lovely family scene earlier in Season 5, Ray finally popped the question and proposed to her. She of course said yes, and he was all smiles in "Bonne Terre" when he was showing the proposal video to his coworkers.

They were suitably impressed and happy for him, with Hana saying that she could watch the video all day, Barnes agreeing, and Nina – fresh off of Shantel VanSanten's complicated crossover to FBI – asked if he had been nervous. Remy walked in with his own congratulations – or, "condolences," as he jokingly phrased it – and asked if he and Cora had set a date. Ray's response immediately made me suspect that Most Wanted had given away a key detail for the Season 5 finale. The agent said:

End of May! And I expect all of you do be there.

Well, Ray, now I expect all of them to be there at his "end of May" wedding as well! The agent didn't drop enough details about the nuptials for me to call shenanigans on the short timeline like I did for Brett on Chicago Fire in the One Chicago corner of Dick Wolf's nine-show TV universe, and I'm more excited at the possibility of the wedding happening on screen. After all, the Season 5 finale of FBI: Most Wanted is scheduled for May 21; if the show more or less keeps up with real time, then the timing will be just right for an on-screen wedding.

And if that's the case, hopefully it happens either before or after whatever disastrous case is sure to be at the center of the finale! The detail of when Ray and Cora's wedding will be was easy to miss, on the whole, given that it was after Remy's latest therapy session and he immediately changed the subject over to the case of the week after congratulating Ray. Given how intense the case was and the final reveals of Hana bonding with Ethan (Michael-Raymond James) and Remy joining Abby in her hotel room, the beginning of the episode felt like a very long time ago.

For now, we can only wait and see if Ray mentioning getting married at the end of May truly was a clue that we'll get to see his wedding before the end of Season 5. Whatever happens in the finale, the show has already been renewed and guaranteed a Season 6. Keep tuning in to CBS on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET for new episodes of FBI: Most Wanted.