Fearless father scales high-rise building to rescue son who 'escaped' through eighth-floor window

Rescue – this fearless father climbed the side of a high-rise to save his son (Picture: AsiaWire)

A fearless father scaled the side of a high-rise building to save his young son who had “escaped” through an eighth floor window.

The brave dad free-climbed the side of the building without any safety equipment to rescue his seven-year-old son who was clinging to the side of the building.

The boy had been left home alone and later claimed he “escaped” through a window when he thought he heard a crook trying to break in.

Dangerous – the man climbed the building with no safety equipment (Picture: AsiaWire)
Hanging on – the dad clung on with one hand while he pushed his son back through the window (Picture: AsiaWire)

His mum apparently said she returned from sending her daughter to summer school and was stunned to find her son clinging to the metal bars outside that cover air-conditioning units.

She called her husband home from work then called police to the Nanhaiwanke Jinsejiayuan residential area, which is in Foshan’s Guicheng district in South China’s Guangdong province.


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But by the time emergency services arrived, the daring dad was already making his way down the side of the building after using the same eighth-floor window to get to his son.

Footage of the rescue shows the man holding on with his right hand while pushing his son upwards with his left.

Rescue – the dad pushed his son back through the window (Picture: AsiaWire)
Safe – both the boy and his rather ended up getting to safety (Picture: AsiaWire)

But the whole episode ended injury-free when the boy was handed over to waiting police, following by his father climbing back through the window.

The boy’s mother said: “I usually take care of our son and daughter, but I very rarely leave them at home alone.

“When taking my daughter to school, I noticed my son still sleeping and didn’t want to wake up, so I left him at home.”

Local police reportedly haven’t said whether they found any evidence of the alleged intruder the boy claimed to have been ‘escaping’ from.