Fergie speaks out about the 'chemically induced dementia' her meth addiction caused

Mike P Williams

Fergie has opened up about the terrifying effects she suffered from being addicted to methamphetamine.

The solo artist and Black Eyed Peas band member also revealed how she was ‘hallucinating on a daily basis’ and how it took her a whole year after quitting for her brain to get back to normal.

Fergie didn’t spare the details in discussing her drug-filled past in her latest interview. (Credit REX)

Fergie, 42, was hooked on highly addictive crystal meth in her twenties but managed to kick the habit around the time she joined The Black Eyed Peas.

Speaking to iNews, the star, now a mum-of-one, said: ‘At my lowest point, I was [suffering from] chemically-induced psychosis and dementia.

‘I was basically hallucinating on a daily basis. It took a year after getting off that particular drug for the chemicals in my brain to settle so that I actually stopped seeing things.

‘I’d just be sitting there, seeing a random bee or a bunny.’

Singer Fergie opens up about her meth addiction. (Credit: REX)

But Fergie, who recently split from husband Josh Duhamel, admits that while – at the time – it seemed a good idea, she finally saw the light and made a change.

‘The drugs thing, it was a hell of a lot of fun… until it wasn’t. But you know what, I thank the day it happened to me. Because that’s my strength, my faith, my hope for something better,’ she added.

Fergie is currently releasing her first solo album in over a decade, and despite not wishing to discuss her personal life, she does insist her family is a priority.

Fergie said: ‘I’ve just released my first solo album in 11 years, and I’m out promoting it. So there’s really a lot going on. That’s why we wanted to find our footing with our separation before we announced it publicly: to make sure we really got it together for our kid.’

Fergie and Josh announced their separation in September. (Credit: PA)

And just in case fans were unsure over the future of The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie assured everyone that they’re 100 per cent definitely still together.

She said: ‘I’ve never left The Black Eyed Peas. We’ve never broken up officially, I guess we’re just on a break. We’re family. They’re like my work family. That’s forever.’

We’ll watch this space, then…

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