Fern Britton surprises Celebrity Big Brother fans with clothing confession

The presenter made an unexpected comment about going commando

Fern Britton made a confession that took fans by surprise. (ITV screengrab)
Fern Britton made a confession that took fans by surprise. (ITV screengrab)

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Fern Britton shocked Celebrity Big Brother viewers by revealing that she goes commando in her jeans.

The former This Morning presenter spilled the beans to Zeze Millz during Monday’s instalment (11 March) of the ITV show, as they chatted about the laundry. Millz was talking about what sort of lingerie she favoured when Britton admitted she didn’t always wear any.

Her comments took viewers by surprise, with some saying it was "too much information".

What, how, and why?

Fern Britton took Celebrity Big Brother by storm. (ITV)
Fern Britton on Celebrity Big Brother. (ITV)

The star opened up during a chat in the kitchen, saying she sometimes went without underwear and that her daughters joked about it. "Jeans is easy," she said. "Imagine wearing no underwear with jeans!" Millz replied.

"I do it, it’s fine!" Britton insisted. She then admitted that her daughters teased her about going commando in denim.

However, her comments proved to be a bit much for some viewers. "WHY WOULD YOU NOT WEAR PANTS WITH JEANS FERN???" one person asked on X.

Another wrote: "We didn't need to know about Fern going commando." "Fern tmi," said another viewer.

"Fern going commando in jeans is something I did NOT need to know," said another viewer. "Didn’t really want to hear about that Fern but thanks anyway," remarked another.

But someone else commented: "We stan a commando queen."

What else happened on Celebrity Big Brother?

There was more bad news for the presenter later in the episode after she found herself facing eviction. Britton, 66, was not initially one of those up but was chosen after a nominations twist.

The show's 'lodger' Sharon Osbourne got to watch the nominations in secret and at the end was told she could save one of the three facing the public vote - Zeze Millz, Lauren Simon or her friend Louis Walsh. She went with Millz, then was told she had to pick another housemate to take Millz' place.

Sharon Osbourne had a secret task. (ITV screengrab)
Sharon Osbourne picked Fern Britton to face the public vote. (ITV screengrab)

After deliberating, Osbourne decided Britton would face the chop. "I just think that us ones that are a bit older stick out like a sore thumb," she said. "I am not ageist at all and Fern is so much younger than me but I am just saying, for the house, people have gone off in groups and they are all happy and whatever and, that's it.

"Fern is a beautiful gracious lady and I am just happy that I got to meet her. And I think the public will save her."

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