Ferne McCann is pregnant with acid attack suspect Arthur Collins' baby

It has been an awful week for former TOWIE star Ferne McCann, with the 26-year-old beauty left devastated when her boyfriend, Arthur Collins, was listed as a suspect for a brutal acid attack inside Mangle nightclub in Dalston on April 17.

Arthur went on the run but was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder last night, however, the drama is far from over with Ferne as it has been reported that she is pregnant with Arthur’s baby.

Ferne is understandably devastated.

The Sun claim that Ferne told Arthur that they were expecting a child just before the attack took place, with a friend telling the publication: “We are all so worried about her.

“Ferne is absolutely devastated by what has happened. She cannot believe someone she loved is capable of doing what Arthur is accused of.

“She is under an incredible amount of stress but Ferne will roll her sleeves up and make the best possible life for her and the child.”

Arthur, 25, was seen in Mangle at the time of the attack, which saw a noxious substance get sprayed inside the club – leaving two party-goers blind and many others seriously injured.

Ferne and Arthur were planning to move in together and even marry.

An international manhunt was launched by police after he went on the run, arrested by armed authorities last night in Rushden.

Previously, Ferne urged Arthur to turn himself in, with a source saying at the time: “Ferne has no idea where he is.

“She knows she has no future with someone who’d run away after something like this — let alone if he did what he is accused of. The relationship is over.

“She is appalled by the injuries suffered in the attack and would not defend anyone capable of such a cowardly act.”

Ferne first found fame on The Only Way Is Essex.

Ferne and Arthur first started dating after her stint on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2015 but split before rekindling their romance last year.

It is believed that Ferne discovered that she is pregnant before agreeing to do her first couple photoshoot for OK! magazine, which was published on the day of the acid attack.

Speaking about her future plans, Ferne told the mag: “Moving in is definitely the next step. And I know that seems a bit rushed, but when you know, you know. And we’ve been mucking about, so let’s just go for it!

“We’ve spoken about our wedding. We want to get married on a beach. I want it to be a party and celebration.”

Arthur featured heavily on Ferne’s social media accounts.

Continuing to The Sun, Ferne’s friend admitted that the star only agreed to the shoot because of her pregnancy, believing that Arthur was now a certain part of her future.

They explained: “Ferne agreed to feature in the glossy mag as she felt the pair would have a long-term future — especially as they were expecting a child.

“She cannot believe how quickly what she thought her life would be has changed.”

Immediately after Arthur was connected to the attack, Ferne deleted all photos of him from her social media pages.

Isobella was one of the victims of the acid attack and shared photos of her injuries on social media.

Two other men have also been arrested by police aged 21 and 24, and ex-Scotland Yard detective, Ian Horrocks, has speculated that the brutal attack may have been inspired by US TV drama ‘Criminal Minds’.

In an episode that aired just two weeks before the attack took place, a man deliverately maims and blinds young people in Philadephia, with the episode coming to its climax with the attacker’s arrest as he prepares to strike with a modified spray gun containing acid, which is what was used at the Mangle club.

Horrocks explained: “There is a good possibility the London nightclub acid attack was a copycat of the Criminal Minds episode.

“The London attacker clearly got the idea from somewhere. It wouldn’t be the first time a TV show or film has influenced someone into committing an evil act.”

Did US TV show ‘Criminal Minds’ inspire the attackers?

Sophie Hall, 21, was at Mangle when the attack took place and suffered burns to her face.

She told The Sun that she saw Arthur in the club and recognised him from Ferne’s Instagram account, adding that there was trouble near her table at about 1am that she thinks was to do with a drugs deal.

Speaking about the attack, Sophie shared: “There was a plume of white smoke that smelled like petrol.

“It hit me and there was the most awful burning sensation. My face felt as if it was on fire.”

Arthur has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Arthur’s £1million home was raided by police just days after the attack took place and officers found guns and cannabis.

A spokesperson for Ferne said that the star is currently on a pre-arranged business trip to Ireland, adding: “Ferne has been advised not to discuss her ex-boyfriend or her personal circumstances.

“She is extremely upset for the victims.”

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