Firefighters Battle Raging Flames as Lake Fire Rips Through Homes

The Lake Fire had burned 10,500 acres and was zero percent contained as Los Angeles County firefighters fought to protect residential structures on August 12.

Tod Sudmeier posted video footage of firefighters as they stood amid the raging flames and billowing smoke while defending homes near Lake Hughes in Southern California.

“Los Angeles County Fire Department, holding it down, protecting homes,” Sudmeier says as the camera pans to show two firefighters standing between the fire and the two homes they were trying to save.

“Some outer buildings can be seen burning but the firefighters saved the two main residential structures,” Sudmeier told Storyful.

As of August 14, the fire had destroyed three structures, was 11,637 acres, and was 12 percent contained, officials said. Credit: Tod Sudmeier via Storyful