First Look At Marvel’s Agatha All Along Has Arrived, But I’m More Focused On The Big Reveal About A Returning WandaVision Character

 Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in WandaVision.
Credit: Disney/Marvel

At the beginning of 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off a new era by releasing WandaVision, the first of Marvel Studios’ TV shows exclusively streamable with a Disney+ subscription. As the series went along, viewers learned that Agatha Harkness had been manipulating Wanda Maximoff in her sitcom-twisted version of Westview, and in a few months, Kathryn Hahn’s character will get the spotlight in Agatha All Along (previously known by various other titles). The first look at this upcoming Marvel TV show has arrived, and while it is interesting, I’m more focused on the accompanying big reveal about a returning WandaVision character.

The First Look At Agatha All Along

When we left off with Agatha Harkness at the end of WandaVision, Wanda had stripped her of her magical abilities and trapped her in the “nosy neighbor” Agnes personality she’d used while Westview was cycling through its sitcom homages. Agatha will return to her normal self in Agatha All Along and break out of the confinement Wanda formed around Westview for her, but she’ll be powerless and need help regaining her magic. That’ll require her teaming up with some fellow witches, as seen below:

Here we have Patti LuPone’s Lilia, Sasheer Zamata’s Jennifer, Debra Jo Rupp’s Sharon and Ali Ahn’s Alice alongside Agatha All Along’s title character finding some kind of secret passage. Showrunner Jack Schaeffer described these characters to Empire as “covenless witches,” saying that witches are “defined by deception, treachery, villainy and selfishness,” and posing the question of what would happen if you got a group together who “[demonstrate] these notions” and required them to work together. I would imagine that means some backstabbing and betrayal is inevitable, though for Agatha’s sake, hopefully at least one of these witches will stick with her to the end.

Debra Jo Rupp Is Playing One Of The Witches

If you look over that lineup of witches in the Agatha All Along image again, one of the faces may surprise you just as much as it did me. Debra Jo Rupp appeared in WandaVision as Sharon Davis, the Westview resident who was forced to play the role of Mrs. Hart when the Hex was set up around the town. So now we know there’s even more to her than meets the eye.

Debra Jo Rupp's Sharon Davis having coffee at table outside of restuarant
Debra Jo Rupp's Sharon Davis having coffee at table outside of restuarant

What exactly happened with Sharon? Like Agatha, had her true personality somehow been submerged prior to Wanda Maximoff’s arrival, and it was only after the events of WandaVision were over that she realized she was more than just an average Westview citizen? Or was she well aware of her witchy-nature when Wanda came to town, and being forced to act as Mrs. Hart was just a temporary setback? Either way, why was Sharon doing in Westview in the first place, and why would she work with Agatha after what was done to her? These are just a few of the questions posed by this miniseries.

Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke also respectively star in Agatha All Along as Riot Vidal, another one of the witches who’s working with Agatha, and Billy Kaplan, a familiar described as a “gay teen with a dark sense of humor.” The miniseries’ first two episodes premiere September 18 on the 2024 TV schedule, and the other seven will be released weekly until November 6. If you’re looking for new Debra Jo Rupp content to watch now, That ‘90s Show Season 2, Part 1 can be streamed with a Netflix subscription.