First victim of Brexit? France's M&S ready meals

You could call it the first casualty of Brexit.

Empty shelves in a Paris branch of UK retailer Marks & Spencer.

They should be lined with snacks and pre-made meals.

Items out of stock Tuesday (November 5) included sandwiches, salads and a turkey tortilla with curry.

M&S said new trade rules since Britain left the EU’s single market were causing delays to deliveries.

In a statement to Reuters it said that some products were taking longer to reach shelves, but that it was working on the problem with suppliers.

M&S ready meals are popular in Paris, as they cater to an eat-on-the-go market that is underserved in France - a country better known for haute cuisine.

Since January 1st goods travelling between the UK and France have been subject to new customs checks.

But the flow of trade has so far been smoother than some expected.

Trucking operators say there has been no congestion at the key Channel ports - Dover in England, and Calais in France.

However, traffic flows are currently lower than usual, meaning bigger tests may lie ahead.

French shoppers hankering for an M&S chicken curry will be watching very closely.