Flames Engulf Florida Fireworks Store After Car Crashes into Building

A fireworks store in Melbourne, Florida, caught fire after a car crashed into the building on Monday, November 28, according to local news reports citing authorities.

West Melbourne Police Department urged locals to stay clear of the area as all lanes of US-192 were closed.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash or whether anyone was hurt.

This is a developing story. Credit: Grace Spivak via Storyful

Video transcript



- [INAUDIBLE] keep the sirens going.

- Oh, yeah. I just want those firefighters to stay smart.

- They ain't going nowhere near that. I mean, they're going to [INAUDIBLE].


Dude, that's--

- There's somebody. Yeah, we're looking at it right now. It's the whole fireworks store.


- Yeah, fire-- yeah, Phantom Fireworks is--