Flash Flooding Creates Pile of Cars in Dinant, Belgium

Heavy rains on July 24 caused severe flooding in Belgium’s Meuse River valley, where rushing water carried cars and caused widespread damage in the city of Dinant.

Local residents began sharing footage from Dinant on Saturday afternoon, showing water quickly rising. Subsequent video captured cars being dragged downhill by flash floods. Local reports said that roads were “ripped up.”

Belgium’s national crisis center reported that “about thirty cars were dragged along by the water and several streets were closed.” The center added that the city’s train station was impacted and local fire brigades were receiving many calls for assistance. Officials said no casualties had been reported.

This footage, taken on Saturday evening in Dinant, shows cars piled up after being carried by the flash floods. Other damage is visible in the area.

The flooding came less than two weeks after storms left at least 36 people dead in the country. Credit: Kev Santos via Storyful

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