Florida Deputies Reunite Runaway Pet Pig With Owner

Sheriff’s deputies reunited a pet pig with its owner on Tuesday, January 3, in Tampa, Florida, after it managed to escape and was nearing a roadway.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies Chad Berona and Austin Dale were called out to the 5500 block of Fulmar Drive in Tampa about a “friendly” loose pig in the area.

Footage shared by the sheriff’s office shows a deputy picking up the pig and placing the animal in the back of a vehicle. According to the video, the pig’s name is Princesa.

After capturing the missing pig, Deputy Berona and Deputy Dale located the owner, who was “extremely grateful for the return of her pet.”

“It’s great when our deputies can bring a smile to a citizen’s face,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript



- It's not your typical call out. However, on Tuesday, January 3, Deputy Chad Berona and Deputy Austin Dale encountered an unusual suspect.

- We got one pig in custody.

CHAD BERONA: Initially, we responded because it came out as a road obstruction call. And then somebody mentioned that it was a friendly pig.

- Princesa is the pig's name. Neighbors told deputies they believed she was a pet, belonging to a nearby resident.

CHAD BERONA: [? Yards ?] finally found Princesa hiding. And tried to get her to come over to us. She was happy to come see us and get petted. I didn't want her to kick or anything like that. I was trying not to hurt her. So I had to get a good solid grip. And as she was squealing and wiggling around, I just didn't want her to try to drop out of my arms.

- Although this doesn't happen every day, Deputy Berona says it's great to he was able to bring a smile to a citizen's face.

CHAD BERONA: We're just really here to help people, serve the community. And sometimes that means re-uniting lost pets. Sometimes it means doing whatever we have to do just to make people feel better, enjoy, have a better day. It feels really good to actually be able to find the owner that quickly and see the joy in getting re-united with their pet.

- A different type of call for service but an overall win for everyone involved.

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