Former general warns that China should mobilise for a Korean war

A former general has warned that China should prepare for war between North and South Korea by mobilising its own defences.

Former Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang said the conflict could break out an any time in the next three months.

He said China should mobilise in the north east of the country in anticipation of a Korean war.

Hongguang told the Global Times: ‘The war on the Korean Peninsula might break out any time between now and March next year.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is pressing on with his nuclear programme (Picture: Getty)

‘China should be psychologically prepared for a potential Korean war, and the north east China regions should be mobilised for that.’

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‘Such mobilisation is not to launch a war, but for defensive purposes.’

The former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Area Command made his comments at an annual Global Times forum on Saturday.

Military expert and TV commentator Soing Zhongping told the publication that China should deploy anti-missile weapons and also prepare humanitarian aid for potential war refugees.

North Korea recently fired a test missile (Picture: Getty)

He warned there would be a huge risk of nuclear fallout and earthquakes if there was a war.

The warning comes after continue verbal sparring between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s regime and US president Donald Trump, who is backing South Korea.

Song said: ‘Defensive action could lead to engagement if US action on the Korean Peninsula threatens China’s core interests.’

North Korea recently launched a test missile which it claims could reach the US mainland.