Four-Foot Alligator Found in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

A lethargic four-foot-long alligator was pulled from Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn, New York, early Sunday, February 19, local officials said.

NYC Parks said maintenance staff spotted the alligator and alerted the park rangers who “snapped into action” to capture and transport the alligator.

The animal was found “very lethargic and possibly cold shocked,” since it is native to warm climates, and was transported to the Bronx Zoo for rehabilitation, according to NYC Parks.

“Thankfully no one was harmed and the animal is being evaluated,” NYC Parks said in a statement.

Releasing animals into NYC parks is illegal, according to state law.

“In addition to the potential danger to park goers this could have caused, releasing non-indigenous animals or unwanted pets can lead to the elimination of native species and unhealthy water quality,” NYC Parks said. Credit: NYC Parks via Storyful

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