French far-right party to fund policies by cutting aid to foreigners

The far-right, anti-immigration National Rally has published its policy priorities ahead of this weekend’s first round of snap legislative elections. Leader Jordan Bardella has promised to restore order in France, curb immigration and address the cost-of-living crisis.

"In three words: we are ready," the 28-year-old president of the National Rally (RN) told a press conference as he unveiled his party's programme on Monday.

Bardella has promised, if elected, to boost France’s purchasing power, bring back authority to schools and change the law to make it easier to deport foreigners convicted of crimes.

He reiterated plans to tighten borders and make it harder for foreigners born on French soil to gain citizenship.

He also reiterated statements he made last week that he would table a bill to lower VAT on energy from 20 percent to 5.5 percent immediately upon taking office, and renegotiate French energy costs with the European Union.

Recent polls suggest Bardella will come out ahead in Sunday's legislative elections – and possibly become prime minister.

'National priority'

The party’s platform, published on its website Monday, said employers would be allowed to raise salaries by ten percent without paying social charges for five years.

A cornerstone of the RN’s policy is the idea of “national priority” for social benefits, reserving them only for French people.

“Reducing social spending through putting in place national priority,” is one of the points in the party's detailed programme.

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