June Brown ruled out quitting smoking in 2019: 'I’m going to die fairly soon so why not enjoy myself?'

June Brown, who plays the long-suffering busy-body Dot Cotton, started filming with BBC-1's EastEnders again today (Tuesday), for episodes to be screened from Monday, April 14, after nearly a four year break from the programme. Photo by Derek Cox/PA.   (Photo by Derek Cox - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
June Brown's Dot Cotton always had a ciggie on on EastEnders. (PA Images via Getty Images)

Quotes from EastEnders star June Brown began to resurface online today following the news of her death at the age of 95.

The actor died at her home in Surrey on Sunday with her family by her side, and tributes began pouring in immediately as the news was shared online by the BBC.

An interview that Brown gave to the Radio Times in 2019, aged 93, struck a chord with her fans thanks to her outspoken quotes about longevity.

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The actor who embodied Dot Cotton for decades said she would die of something “fairly soon”, so there was no point in quitting her guilty pleasures including her trademark cigarettes.

EastEnders star June Brown in a launderette. 6th February 1997. (Photo by Mike Maloney/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)
EastEnders star June Brown in a launderette, 1997. (Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

Brown revealed that she will keep indulging in dark chocolate, even though she is allergic, red wine, and her favourite Irish stout.

A long-time smoker, the soap star said e-cigarettes are too heavy, so she will also keep up her seven-decade cigarette habit.

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She told Radio Times magazine: “I’m going to die of something fairly soon so why not enjoy myself, (I) love red wine and also dark chocolate, even though I’m allergic to it and it makes me sneeze.

“And the Guinness helps me keep a bit of weight on.

“So I don’t need to be careful about what I eat or drink.”

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 4: British comedian Paul O'Grady a.k.a.
Paul O'Grady and June Brown share a cigarette in 2000. (Getty Images)

“What’s the point of counting how many cigarettes I smoke a day? I’ve been on them for over 70 years.”

The EastEnders star said that she avoids modern technology and current affairs as much as possible, fearing for the direction of society.

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She prefers to relax by watching Sir David Attenborough documentaries.

She said: “I watch News At Ten and Loose Women and that gives me all I need to know.”

(Left to right) Lady Gaga, June Brown, Graham Norton, Jude Law and Greg Davies during filming for the Graham Norton Show at the London Studios, London.   (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
(L-R) Lady Gaga, June Brown, Graham Norton, Jude Law and Greg Davies during filming for the Graham Norton Show. (PA Images via Getty Images)

The actress, who joined EastEnders 34 years ago, voiced her admiration for a new generation of talent, and praised Lady Gaga.

She said: “There’s a girl who knows how to play the celebrity game.”

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: “We are deeply saddened to announce that our beloved June Brown, OBE, MBE, sadly passed away last night.

“There are not enough words to describe how much June was loved and adored by everyone at EastEnders, her loving warmth, wit and great humour will never be forgotten."