Gabriel's Redemption Part 3: release date, cast, teaser, everything we know about the Passionflix movie

 Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti in Gabriel's Redemption.
Giulio Berruti and Melanie Zanetti in Gabriel's Redemption.

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 is the final movie in The Gabriel Series at Passionflix. The movie not only brings the Gabriel's Redemption trilogy, which includes Gabriel's Redemption Part 1 and Gabriel's Redemption Part 2, to an end, but it also brings the nine-movie saga based on the bestselling novels of Sylvain Reynard to a close.

Passionflix CEO Tosca Musk directed all nine movies in The Gabriel Series. She soared past Peter Jackson's previously held record for directing the most movies in a franchise. Melanie Zanetti (Julia) and Giulio Berruti (Gabriel) will also return to complete the ninth movie.

Here's everything we know about Gabriel's Redemption Part 3.

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 release date

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 premieres December 14, only on Passionflix.

Until then, you can stream the other eight movies in The Gabriel Series on Passionflix now.

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 plot

We don't have the official plot of Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 just yet, but we know that this segment of the trilogy will see Gabriel and Julia discover new things about themselves while embarking on a miraculous (and unexpected) journey together.

Here's the description of Gabriel's Redemption Part 2: "Julia receives news that causes Gabriel to return to a dark place. Unable to process his fear of losing Julia, a wedge starts to build between them. But far be it for Julia to let fear drive them apart."

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 cast

We expect to see many of the same actors from previous movies in The Gabriel Series in Gabriel's Redemption Part 3, including the following:

  • Melanie Zanetti (Bluey, Raven's Hollow) as Julianne

  • Giulio Berruti (Walking on Sunshine) as Gabriel

  • James Andrew Fraser (The Reunion) as Paul

  • Julia Barrett-Mitchell (Disfluency) as Rachel

  • Margaux Brooke (Legion) as Christa

  • Linda Atkinson (Manifest) as Katherine Picton

  • Zach Holden (When We're From) as Aaron

  • Kurt McKinney (No Retreat, No Surrender) as Tom

  • Joseph Stromberg (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) as Scott

  • Malachy Cleary (Manifest) as Richard

  • Greyson Chadwick (Doom Patrol) as Tammy

  • Christian Vit (Vikings: Valhalla) as Pacciani

  • Agnes Albright (Black Mold) as Paulina

Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 trailer

You can watch the first teaser for Gabriel's Redemption Part 3 below

How to watch Gabriel's Redemption Part 3

You need a subscription to Passionflix in order to watch Gabriel’s Redemption Part 3. You can either subscribe directly through the Passionflix website or in the US you can access Passionflix via Prime Video as a Prime Video Channel add-on if you're an Amazon Prime member. The Passionflix Prime Video Channel costs the same, $5.99 per month, but Amazon handles the payment process.

If you’re outside the US you can sign up and access Passionflix through their website.