Gary Lineker Shares How He Keeps in Shape with One-Meal-a-Day Diet

Gary Lineker has shared how he follows a ‘one-meal-a-day diet’ in order to keep his weight similar to when he played professional football.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Lineker revealed how he puts in hard graft in the gym and kitchen. 'I work out really hard. I do at least three sessions in the gym every week, and then I’ll do Pilates as well, and I only really eat one major meal a day.'

'Breakfast I don’t eat, and then I’ll either pick in the evening if I’ve had lunch, or pick in the daytime, with nuts and fruits.'

While the OMAD diet may sound a tad austere, Lineker isn't its only subscriber. Chris Martin recently revealed he also only eats one meal a day and rock star Bruce Springsteen has also sung the 'OMAD' diet's praises.

Actual research on the diet is limited, but there are some benefits to intermittent fasting (time restricted eating) when it's followed for weight loss.

A review published by the Annual Review of Nutrition concluded that almost any intermittent fasting regimen can result in some weight loss. While another study, published by the National Library of Medicine, found that meal-timing interventions facilitate weight loss primarily by decreasing appetite.

However, when two calorie restricted diets were compared, a 2022 study found intermittent fasting to be no more effective than non-time restricted eating. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine assigned participants either time restricted eating with calorie restriction or daily calorie restriction alone. The results found that changes in weight were not significantly different between the two groups.

When adopting a new diet protocol, it's important that the body is being fed with the nutrients it needs, and nutritional interventions should also be done under the guidance of a professional to ensure they're done safely.

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