Gemma Collins boasts about her private jet - gets exposed using stock photo

Gemma Collins was rumbled after sharing a photo from Google Images. (Getty)
Gemma Collins was rumbled after sharing a photo from Google Images. (Getty)

TOWIE’s Gemma Collins has been boasting about her private jet… only to be exposed for using a stock photo that appears on Google Images.

The reality TV star, 37, bragged about flying on a private jet but was quickly held to account by some eagle-eyed Twitter users.

‘And I’m OFF ….. life’s changed private jets being sent for me now unreal x’ she tweeted, accompanied by a photo of the jet she was apparently about to get on.

But, as people pointed out, what she posted wasn’t strictly true – in fact, the image was a stock photo that could be found on Google.

‘Shame’, the user said, after outing her.

And soon after the rest of the comments and accompanying images appeared on the thread, as users slammed her.

‘GC: “Ayters gonna ayte”,’ another tweet read, as they took not only a swipe at the fake real-time photo, but Photoshopped her head onto someone else’s body – a dig at her for recently being found to have had her face stuck onto another model’s body to advertise a range of clothing.

Others opted to share a very obviously edited photo of a plane to poke even more fun at the TOWIE star.

Others took her false claim a step further, saying they’d ‘made it’ having been offered some exclusive transport of their own.

‘Me to babes. Lives changed so much hasn’t it hun. Here’s me jetting off to Marbs last week. Take me back GC. (Also I’ve read the book),’ the tweet read, as it showed a photo of a space ship.

Things got a tad surreal when another user said they were off on their travels in the Millennium Falcon.

‘Just heading into mine too!’

And even a Photoshopping of her original tweet emerged which, once again, ripped her for sharing a false photo in the first place.

‘Stop lying,’ it read.

Only this week was she slated online for a cringe-worthy interview she did as a means of promoting her new book, prompting people to question whether Collins had even read her own book.

Collins is set to appear on the next series of Celebrity MasterChef, despite the BBC denying she’d been given the role as part of a compensation package after she fell down a trapdoor at last year’s Teen Awards.

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