Gemma Collins 'Dancing On Ice' fall caused by 'ghosts of WWII', claims shaman

Ben Arnold
Gemma Collins (Credit: PA)

Gemma Collins fall on Dancing On Ice was caused by the spirits of World War II, the shaman who ‘cleansed’ the rink for the reality star has said.

Sue Holmes, who is also known by the name Fire Horse, turned up at the show’s purpose-built ice rink at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire last week at Collins’ behest to help dispel negative energy that caused her slip up.

But according to Holmes, it was the fear of the British and US airmen who used the airfield during the war that caused her to fall.

She told the Daily Mirror: “As a professional space clearing consultant, first of all I come and I sense the energies of the place.

“I asked people about the history and it had been a base during the war, an RAF base. There would have been a lot of fear.

“There were two lines of disharmonious land energy.

“They were crossing the ice rink. They actually crossed in the very place where the fall happened. So I used crystals at the healing point to harmonise that energy.”

Using candles, gongs, crystals, bells and drums, Holmes hoped to ‘cleanse’ Collins of her negative experience.

However, she bowed out of the competition on Sunday night, after the show’s skate off against Ryan Sidebottom.

Judge Jason Gardiner, who Collins had accused of selling stories about her to the newspapers, said that it gave him ‘great pleasure’ to vote Collins off.

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