Gemma Collins offers Theresa May her Brexit advice


We’re in times of unprecedented political turmoil, so when the tried and tested methods of governing the country aren’t working, perhaps it’s time for a fresh pair of eyes on Brexit.

Enter, Gemma Collins.

The reality star returned to Good Morning Britain for her showbiz reporting slot, but went off piste with some political commentary instead.

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With waning support and limited options left available, who’s to say that the PM wouldn’t be interested in hearing The GC’s advice for what to do next?

Here’s what Collins had to say: “Brexit – Theresa needs to make a decision.

“I think Theresa needs to lead our nation. Take a deep breath, Theresa, make a deal, and let’s move forward.

“What’s she doing?”

Collins continued: “She needs to take the lead. If you’re the leader in this country, take the lead and own it, and the people will follow in the end.”

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For anyone interested in the political leanings of the Towie star, Collins admitted to being a Brexiteer.

She said: “I voted out.”

Asked by GMB host and GC supporter Piers Morgan whether she’d vote the same way now, she gave a firm “Yeah.”

Collins, who recently made a controversial appearance as a contestant in Dancing on Ice which saw her row with judge Jason Gardiner, debuted a new look in her GMB guest slot.

She has cut her hair into a sleek bob and is still showing off a more toned, healthy look as a result of her ice skating training.

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The GC also tried to wield her influence in another sphere – social media, by appealing to her 1.3 million Instagram followers to begin following Morgan’s page and make it more popular.

Morgan was vocal in his defence of Collins when she took a nasty tumble on the rink during Dancing on Ice, tweeting that it was “the gutsiest thing I’ve seen on any talent show for years”, and the pair have remained friends since.