Gemma Collins praised for speaking about miscarriage on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

 (ITV/Gary Moyes/Shutterstock)
(ITV/Gary Moyes/Shutterstock)

Gemma Collins has been praised on social media for her appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on Thursday evening.

In the episode, the TOWIE star opened up about being trolled on social media, having has several miscarriages in the past, and how her mental health took a dive after splitting from her ex-boyfriend, James Argent.

“I was really happy with James,” the 40-year-old reality TV star said before going on to reference Argent’s drug addiction battles.

“We did get on, but the drugs changed him as a person. I fought every day for three years to get him well.”

“I have felt suicidal when my relationship broke down with Arg, I just thought I don’t want to be here anymore,” she added.

“I had this insatiable love for him, but the relationship turned very sour because of the drugs.”

Morgan asked Collins whether she would ever consider getting back with Argent.

“If we move on from the past probably yeah, he’s the love of my life basically,” she replied.

Now, viewers have praised Collins for her candour on the programme.

“Seeing such a candid side of Gemma Collins is really refreshing. She comes across as such a lovely lady,” tweeted one viewer.

Another wrote: “Fantastic #lifestories #gemmacollins is one brave woman. Utmost respect for a wonderful lady.”

One person noted that it was “interesting and emotional to see the other side of Gemma Collins”.

Another tweeted: “I’m not a big fan of Gemma Collins but for her to be open about her life on life stories was amazing. She was so brave and honest. Shame on people who have been saying things online. Words hurt and can damage your confidence. Gemma keep on being YOU.”

Following the episode, Collins thanks Morgan for the interview in an Instagram post.

“Thank you @piersmorgan for being so kind and understanding behind the GC facade there is just a girl from Romford with BIG DREAMS,” she wrote below a photograph of herself in a fuchsia crop top and a pair of black leggings.

“Everyone can do it you just need to BELIEVE. THANKYOU to all my family and friends for standing by me through the highs and lows.

Collins continued: “The journey continues….The only way is UP. Everyone has brought me to this moment and I thank you all personally, Well and truly from my HEART.

“From everyone who believed in me in the TV industry but first and foremost…MY WONDERFUL FAMILY because we came from nothing! Hard work, Determination and most of all LOVE, Your my EVERYTHING!! [sic]”

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