The General Election 2024 candidates standing in Braintree hoping to win your vote

Braintree in Essex
-Credit: (Image: EssexLive)

This July voters will head to polling stations to decide who they want to vote for. Serving Home Secretary James Cleverly will hope he can retain his seat in Braintree for a fourth term.

The central Essex constituency has been mostly Conservative-held since it was first formed in 1974. Tony Newton was the first MP to represent the area and went on to do so for more than 20 years.

Labour's Alan Hurst overturned the Tories' 17,000 majority in Braintree in 1997 when Tony Blair achieved a 179-seat majority. Mr Hurst held onto the seat in 2001 but lost out by fewer than 4,000 votes in 2005.

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Mr Cleverly, who is standing as a Conservative candidate, will be hoping to avoid being the victim of a 'Portillo moment' in the General Election. This is the nickname for when top politicians were defeated and lost their seat, named after former Tory minister Michael Portillo whose dramatic defeat in 1997 was a symbol of the Tories' heavy defeat.

The 2019 election

James Cleverly was elected for the third time in a row when voters went to the polls in December 2019. The Conservative increased his share of the vote from 62.8 per cent to 67.5 per cent and also increased his majority from 18,422 to 24,673.

That majority is the largest witnessed by the constituency since it was formed in 1974. Three independent candidates stood in Braintree in 2019 but achieved a combined total of just over 2,000 votes.

Labour's Joshua Garfield came second in Braintree in 2019 with 9,439 votes. The Lib Dems followed in third with 4,779 votes for Dominic Graham.

Recent voting trends

One set of polls suggests the Conservatives' hold of Braintree is on a knife-edge. Electoral Calculus predicts a Labour swing with Keir Starmer's party given a 52 per cent chance of winning compared to the Tories' 47 per cent.

The Conservatives remain the largest party at Braintree District Council but their results in 2023 were perhaps an indicator of how local results would look nationally a year later. The Conservatives won 26 seats but lost control of eight.

Labour, meanwhile, had only nine councillors elected but this was an increase of seven.

Who are the 2024 General Election candidates in Braintree?

James Cleverly, Conservative Party


Paul Thorogood, Green Party

Paul Thorogood represents the Green Party
Paul Thorogood represents the Green Party -Credit:Paul Thorogood

David Heather, Independent

Independent candidate David Heather
Independent candidate David Heather -Credit:David Heather

Matthew Wright, Labour

Labour candidate Matthew Wright
Labour candidate Matthew Wright -Credit:Matthew Wright

Keiron Franks, Lib Dems

Kieron Antony Franks, 22, has become the youngest-ever councillor to serve on Chelmsford City Council.
Kieron Franks hopes to be the Lib Dem MP of Braintree -Credit:EssexLive

Richard Thomson, Reform UK

Richard Thomson represents Reform UK
Richard Thomson represents Reform UK -Credit:Richard Thomson