The Catch-up: Is there going to be a general election very soon?

What happened?

Boris Johnson has fuelled speculation of an imminent election as he said violent and sexual offenders could serve more of their sentences behind bars as part of a law and order crackdown.

Announcing an urgent review of sentencing policy, the prime minister said dangerous criminals must be taken off the streets and punishments “truly fit the crime”.

The move follows a series of moves over the weekend in which Johnson promised to “come down hard” on crime.

What does this mean for an election?

A newly appointed Conservative leader pushing a populist “tough-on-crime” agenda is not to be unexpected. But today follows a number of reports that signal an election is on the cards.

In recent weeks, the Government has also announced a £1.8 billion cash injection for the NHS and £2.1 billion boost to no-deal Brexit preparations. Last week, it emerged the PM’s chief of staff had cancelled all leave for government advisers until 31 October - the day of Brexit.

Anything else?

There is mounting speculation that Labour will table a motion of no-confidence in the PM at the start of September when MPs return from holiday (Labour MPs have been told to cancel all travel early next month). If Mr Johnson loses the no-confidence vote, he (or anyone else) will have just 14 days to prove they can command a majority. If they can’t, an election is triggered.

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